Bad to the Blade from Hot Wheels Worlds Best Driver for GTA San Andreas

Bad to the Blade from HotWheels Worlds Best Driver 
Converted & Improved by Muhammad Gibran 

>Replace Hotrinb. 
>Tested in CLEO4.3. 
>No SA-MP/MTA testing. 
>Damaged parts: (wing,bumper,boot) 
>Support ImVehFt : 
-working steering wheel 
-brake hubs 
>Good Models 
>Good Textures 
>Adapted Collision. 
>Open source, files unlocked: only credits required for use it. 
>Steering wheel -> from Sebastian Vettel Red Bull RB8 F1 2012 by Guth 3D 
>Seat -> from GTA V Vapid Slamvan Tuning Parts 
>cockpit door as boot (you can open it with "zeti's Advanced Car Control 3 Plus!" mod, or etc) 
>diffuse lighting on steering wheel 
Credits : 
Guth 3D = Steering Wheels 
Rockstar Games = Seat 
Firebrand Games = Car Models 
Vados = Convert Car Models to .obj 


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