GTA V Slamvan Custom (DLC Lowrider Custom Classic) to GTA SA [Release]

Ripped, Converted & Improved by Muhammad Gibran 

3 versions are included : 
-Stock Version 
-Race Version 
-Lowrider version 

All version features: 
>Replace Slamvan. 
>Tested in CLEO4.3. 
>No SA-MP/MTA testing. 
>Race and Lowrider Version has 2 extra 
(column shifter lever, boobles, interior cage, exterior cage, 
custom plate, custom plate frame, hydro, and more) 
>Damaged parts: All for this model. 
>Support ImVehFt : 
-fully working lights 
-working steering wheel 
-brake hubs 
-GTA IV styled dirt on recolorable body 
-working brake hubs (caliper) 
-working platelight 
-working interior light 
>Active Dashboard 
-working speedometer 
-working window wipper (still have bug, 
fixed in next update) 
-odometer (still have bug, fixed in 
next update) 
>HQ Interior 
>HQ Models 
>Flat Shadow. Adapted Collision. 
>Open source, files unlocked: only credits required for use it. 
>The size, model,and texture is Original from GTA V 
>Custom collision and flat shadow. 
>Work with Hydraulic 
>Supports paintjobs (9 paintjob included). 
>chassis_vlo from GTA V 
>working transmission => Work with Hydraulic (still have bug, 
fixed in next update) 
>4 colours support (primary=body, secondary=body, tertiary=interior, 
>SA Plate 
Credits : 
Rockstar Game = Original Model and texture 
Automan = Give me the yft file and Paintjob 
TomGT234 = ScreenShot 
Next update: 
-fix the transmission bug 
-fix the odometer and window wipper bug 
-add custom dials as extra 
-create the normal version (no IMVEHFT) 
To change the Tertiary and Quaternary colour, you can download this mod : 

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