GTA ViSA Beta 3 [Download]

Release Trailer Videos

Gameplay Videos

New Features in GTA ViSA Beta 3
More areas converted :
 South Central, Koreatown, Downtown and San Pedro are 100%.
Now the sunset will be like the GTA V (timecyc).
Hollywood no plate instead of Vinewood.
and many more.

Authors :
 Rockstar Games (original)
TheVladonPro (overall project)
Alexei Smirnov (mod logo)
 Dageron (Console Texture Editor program)
GoodNTS (Open IV program 2.1.0)
Koolk (LibertyV program)
Tgascoigne ( program Xdr2obj)
Cyb3rMotion (skin Franklin)
M4k3 (car Franklin)
Indirivacua (radars, trailers, spawn points)
Victor Moore (icons)
MajesticNL (objects)

File size 1, 2 gigabyte

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