[REL] Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Buggy for GTA San Andreas

Converted & Improved by M2K6 Artworks
Features :
 >Replace Bandito.
 >Tested in CLEO4.3.
 >No SA-MP/MTA testing.
 >Work with or without IMVEHFT
 >Correct fit with CJ
 >1 driver, 1 custom passenger (with script)
  - Activate the script :
    When you drive Bandito, type "PUBG" to add the back seat passenger
    And then type "DOWN" to take the back seat passenger down from Bandito
 >SA Number plates
 >Fully working lights
 >Working steering wheel (IMVEHFT features)
 >Working Speedometer (Active Dashboard features)
 >There are 4 variants texture (choose one of them)
 >HQ Models
 >HQ Texture
 >Flat Shadow
 >Custom Collision
 >Custom handling setting
 >Mip-map texture
 >Open source, files unlocked: only credits required for use it.
 >The model and texture is Original from Player Unknown's Battleground
Thanks To
Allah SWT
My Parents
Bluehole = Original Model and texture
Minitiv = Share the original game file

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